Mariposa Bags: Comfort Comes in Many Styles!

Spreading its wings and flying into our minds is a luscious new handmade leather accessories line called Mariposa. It was created by Israeli designer Tahel Piter-Sadot. The name certainly fits the label.  Mariposa, meaning butterfly in Spanish, is Tahel’s own personal journey into the creation of smooth and supple handbags involving a process that combines the very best in a fluid color, shape, and Tahel’s special touch.

Tahel’s bags mix fluidity with asymmetrical design to create a statement style that is also completely functional.  Comfort is also a major factor. You can tell that the bags are crafted with an advanced, structured hand, without losing its lustful appeal for trendy women everywhere. In its latest collection, Mariposa showcases different bags, each getting noticed in its own way.

Don’t be fooled by the Butterfly bag’s name and its fluid outer appearance.  The bag actually has quite the sturdy disposition and its room interior with different size pockets and spaces holds everything a woman could ask for. The bag comes in leather or canibas and you can choose your own in smoldering colors of mustard, bordeaux wine, smoked green ,dark blue and grey.

Mariposa’s side bags are the smaller, more playful versions of the Butterfly bag.  They are comfortable for the girl on the go—the one who only has time to stuff in a good book or a pair of flip flops before running out the door. Nevertheless, the bag comes constructed with inner compartments to keep everything neat and tidy.

The crinkled leather of the Mariposa clutch holds true to the fluid shape of Mariposa’s Butterfly bags, but this even smaller purse is designed especially for the woman who wants to hold her wallet and keys in style and grace.  It’s just perfect for late night drinks or a light day.


17 thoughts on “Mariposa Bags: Comfort Comes in Many Styles!

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  2. oded says:

    your bags are amazing.
    The colors are fit exactly for the coming summer
    I really like the idea of bags designed by the inspiration of a butterfly.
    you are vary talented

  3. illana says:

    i like all your begs, they are young, stilish, fresh and confortable…
    better than the ones i can get here in italy

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