What Color Clutch Are You?

Feel like showing a little personality, but afraid to be over-the-top? Put a little color in your clutch! In the past, this very necessary women’s carry-all only came in bland and boring colors like black and brown. At that time, wearing a slightly more extravagant color like camel was considered courageous. Not anymore!  Those days are long behind us and clutches are now coming in a variety of colors. Israeli designers, too, have caught onto this booming trend, realizing that women can get a little daring, if not with their wardrobe, with their purse! They are currently creating loads of clutches in bold but beautiful shades.

Nevertheless, picking the right color is crucial. The ideal fashionista knows that all accessories, whether it’s a well-placed scarf, a necklace, or a bag says a lot about her character. And she always wants to make sure she picks the right color clutch for herself.  Which begs the question, “What color clutch are you?”

Yellow Clutch
It’s OK to dress in solids when out for the evening because a bright yellow clutch will liven your wardrobe right up. Yellow is truly the color for spring and wearing it shows you’re a woman who is bold and courageous and not afraid to try new trends, even its just with your clutch. This Heart Clutch Wallet is just the right shade of yellow for your liking and the heart shape design is romantic and functional, but will truly brighten your day.

Light Blue Clutch
For the woman who feels a bit daring, but doesn’t want to take it too far, a light blue clutch is a stylish, but chic option. It’s a way to play with colors in small doses. While the bag can be simple and structured, like this Corto Clutch Bag, the color makes it light, airy, and perfect for the playfulness of spring. The Corto Clutch Bag’s combination of vintage structure and flirty blue makes it an ideal option.
 Shiny Red Clutch
There’s a reason red was always associated with women in love. It’s elegant, glamorous and oh so fiery! Still, not every woman can get away with this fierce trend. That’s why the fashionista needs to make sure she has the right look and sophisticated style to play up her style. This Belt Leather Clutch Wallet is the perfect example, because its texture and color are quite bold, but its size and compartments give it all the components of a classic clutch.

Pattern Clutch
Women love patterns and prints in bags and shoes because it gives them all the versatility of wearing a busy outfit without too much of the trimmings. If you’ve ever bought a pair of heels or a tote simply because it plays up your otherwise monochrome look, then you’ll know what I mean. In any case, women who are funky with an edge and like to play around their textures are confident enough to go for bold clutches like this Romy Clutch Bag, which is a roomy and worthwhile take on the wrist clutch. It’s practical, but also totally fun and chic.

Blue Clutch
There’s something about dark blue that falls somewhere in the middle. It’s bolder then black or brown, but still a bit on the conservative side. Nevertheless, not all of us are ready to take a walk on the wild side, that’s why the typical blue is always a good choice for the woman who wants to add a twist to an otherwise monotone look. This shiny blue Efika Clutch Wallet livens your look right up, saying to all, “She’s shy, but I want to learn more about this stylish girl.”

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