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Much more than just an online shopping destination, has a dual purpose. Started by a young Israeli living in New York City, aims to keep expat Israelis in touch with the latest in design from their homeland and give exposure to the artistic endeavors of fashion-forward young Israeli designers.

And it’s no wonder why. Israeli design is quite unique, and the global marketplace is taking notice…

“Israeli fashion design is known for its unique urban fashion trends and its all-round daring and creativity, as in the juxtaposition of different cultures and sources of inspiration…” (

“‘Our point is to show people that Israeli fashion is not what you think. It doesn’t have to be ethnic; it can be elegant,” (Fashion Week Daily Dispatch)

“Tel Aviv…is awash in young designers with fresh takes on fashion and design. Neighborhood after neighborhood is loaded with small shops selling clothing, jewelry, and accessories made by local talent.” (The New York Sun)

Because of Israel’s rich history as a cultural melting pot, a new crop of young Israeli designers are making use of the wide array of influences to draw inspiration, resulting in intelligent and elegant designs that have a distinct voice in the fashion marketplace. From Tel Aviv to Paris, Los Angeles to New York, Israeli designers are shaking things up by pairing function with fashion.

All of the items sold on are handpicked for the cool simplicity, quality of workmanship, and a seamless combination of elegance and functionality in the designs. Currently featured are the contemporary, yet feminine leather handbags from Kisim; plush children’s toys from Manuella perfect for children during his or her first stages of development; functional and fashionable mommy bags from Heidi; and many more…

Be sure to shop to help spread the beauty of Israeli design, and check up on this Coolil Blog for featured reviews, designer profiles, highlighted products, design events, etc., to keep updated on everything Israeli design.

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