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Kisim Handbags, from Tel Aviv To Sex and the City

To own a Kisim bag is to own a unique statement in Israeli design.

Founded in 1999, Yael Rosen’s line of leather handbags and accessories are innovative and crafted with a contemporary, yet feminine edge–influenced by Rosen’s own personal style–which she refers to as a haphazard approach to a classic style.

Rosen finds it fascinating to create interesting spaces and layers in her designs, and loves working with different types of materials. Her first bag, the Cube, was inspired by the traditional Japanese Furoshiki bag, a folded bag from a time when packages were tied up in squares of cloth.

Kisim bags are designed as a folded rectangle sewn to make a tote that may be tied, carried as a satchel, or to be worn with shoulder straps. The design seems complex, yet simple. Currently, her handbags are manufactured in Israel with Italian leather and additional accents imported from Spain.

Kisim received even more attention from the fashion industry after the large Cube handbag in gray was included in the highly coveted fashion wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie.
Rosen is a married, 33 year-old with one child. She originally studied jewelery making and accessory design. As excited as she has been to see celebrities wear her creations, her vision is for women of all types to incorporate Kisim bags into their own style, which is why the Kisim line is so unique. Simply chic, any woman is able to adapt a Kisim bag to her own distinct style sense.

Initially, Rosen found it difficult to sell in the U.S., where a more conservative market was not ready for her unique approach to design, but her designs have been increasingly winning over the American market.

While you can peruse the Kisim line on, the handbags have also been featured on fashion and trend blogs like, a social shopping site, where fans have commented about the quality leather, functionality, and overall beauty of the bags.

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