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Can Jewish Gifts Be Cool?

Almost every event in the Jewish culture is an excuse for a celebration. Holidays, Weddings, Bris (Brit Milah), becoming of age at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or getting another year older are all reasons to gather family and friends together with food, drinks, laughter and, of course, gifts!

Giving someone you care about a unique gift for any of these occasions is a great way to show that you put thought into choosing his or her gift. However, when it comes to choosing presents that are unique, contemporary and still have Jewish significance, your choices are scarce.

So can Jewish gifts be cool?

Most gifts with Jewish significance tend to be considered old-fashioned and not something that appeals to younger generations. But many high-end designers in Israel have begun to fill this void by creating fashionable and cool products that inherently have Jewish elements, whether it’s aesthetically, such as with a Star of David, or simply through the concept of the gift being handmade in Israel.


There are several Israeli-designed items that can serve as fashionable and meaningful Jewish gifts. One great fallback that will stand the test of time is jewelry. Delicate jewelry with symbols of love, luck, blessings or a charm, such as jewelry by Shelly Assody is ideal for man and women in all ages, while more prominent Kabbalah-inspired jewelry, such as the items by YOYO32, may be more suitable for men. Another excellent Jewish gift that is a little more traditional is a Daniella Lehavi Tehilim book encased in leather. It’s a great item to give younger generations to help instill tradition while still being modern. is proud to bring you a wide selection of these stylish and significant Jewish gifts that cannot be found anywhere else in the U.S. Any of these special Israeli-designed items will give you the confidence that your gift is unique and on the cutting edge of contemporary design, a combination that will be sure to please.


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One thought on “Can Jewish Gifts Be Cool?

  1. HH Judaica says:

    Yes of course. Jewish items are great for wedding souvenirs, gifts or simply a collectible. These things are solemn, and showered by blessings. It can also serve as good luck in some ways.

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