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Manuella Children Toys, Design From Simpler Times

Soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, Merav Flam’s uniquely designed kids dolls bring back memories of simpler times.  Merav’s imaginative Drawing dolls are the perfect toys to inspire a creative child and her colorful plush stuffed animals – available as an elephant, bunny, duck and monkey – are great playmates for young children.

Designed under the Manuella label, all of Merav’s children’s toys are sure to quickly become a child’s best friend during the day and cuddly companion when going to sleep.


Merav Flam founded the Manuella design studio in 2001 after graduating from the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. She decided to name her label Manuella because it is reminiscent to the wind-up mechanical system that was used a long time ago on traditional toys, a concept that she didn’t want to be lost in her modern designs.

With children in mind (she has two of her own), Merav gets the inspiration for her designs from her childhood memories in the 1970’s, a time without digital and electronic toys that many children are accustomed to today. Merav’s designs are internationally known for their trademark combination of simplicity, attention to detail and carefully chosen materials such as fleece and cotton.

Each and every toy in the Manuella line of stuffed dolls is designed to aid a child during his or her first stages of development and give parents the confidence that they’re giving a child the gift of joy and education whenever they give the gift of Manuella.

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