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Shelly Assody’s Silver Charm Jewelry

Born in Israel as the daughter of a jeweler, Shelly Assody was exposed to jewelry design from an early age. “I used to watch my mother work in her studio with admiration,” says Shelly. “Throughout the years of my childhood, I learned from her and started to create pieces on my own. When I got older, I used to spend my summers with different professional jewelers to learn more jewelry-design techniques.”

After she was released from the service in the Israeli army, Shelly completed a degree in economics and went on to receive her MBA. She worked for a high-tech company in Israel for a few years and it was during this time that she realized that she needed to do something more creative with her life. Shelly missed the art of handcrafting from her childhood so much that she eventually left her corporate position to go back to her roots and surround herself with charm jewelry design.


Shelly became an expert by studying jewelry design at Shenkar where she started to work on her own line of charm jewelry made from silver, gold, leather, rubber and pearls. Working out of her studio in Tel Aviv, each piece from Shelly’s charm jewelry line is created from her heart and is inspired by her day-to-day life in Israel.

“I am happy I left my corporate job to go back to jewelry design,” says Shelly. “The joy that I feel whenever I see someone on the street wearing one of my charm bracelets jewelry, charm necklace jewelry or carrying a charm is so much more fulfilling to me.”

Shelly’s approach to charm jewelry design is very personal and she engraves meaningful phrases and includes symbols within many of her pieces, such as the Hamsa symbol for protection or a fish symbol to instill prosperity. features a wide selection from the Shelly Assody jewelry line and also accepts orders for customized jewelry with personal blessings, names or meaningful dates.

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