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YOYO32 Kabbalah Jewelry, A Journey To your Soul

Yoyo32 is a line of handcrafted symbolic jewelry in the Kabbalah spirit designed by Yorini; his work was recently described as “a travel in time, a journey to our souls and search into the past to be inspired for the future…”
In Hebrew, “32” is a powerful number that’s is equal to the letters in the word Love (Lev) and that’s is representing the “32 avenues of wisdom” on which the whole world turns. The numerical value of YOYO in Hebrew is also 32.


Born in 1960 in Israel, Yorini, studied art in Jerusalem and has made a life out of becoming a painter, actor, writer, designer, journalist, and sculptor. He first gained notoriety as a telepathic artist in the 80’s when he had a mind reading and magic show tour around Israel.

yoriniYorini then shifted careers and moved to England to study art and design and he began to express his creativity through sculptures, paintings and exhibitions. His artistic work eventually led him to design spiritual jewelry, known as YOYO32, where he found himself more deeply connected with his religion. Yorini works and creates in Tel Aviv, his studio is an exhibition in itself, a creative space that captivates every visitor with its walls lined with newspapers articles from his days as a telepathic artist and every corner packed with sculptures, jewelry and old furniture.

The Kabbalah inspires Yorini in every step of the creative process. His chic, contemporary YOYO32 jewelry line is created from many different materials such as silver, gold, leather, and aluminum.

YOYO32 line of jewelry features symbols and combinations of letters from the Judaism and Kabbalah that represent luck, unconditional love, protection against the evil eye, financial success and new beginnings.

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