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Multicultural Jewelry From Karen Peleg

Karen Peleg’s inspiration for Augusta, her line of symbolic jewelry, grew out of her intense curiosity for different countries and cultures. Working out of her creative studio in Tel Aviv, Peleg transforms her past life experiences into intricate, wearable artwork.

Her travels to India led her to create silver jewelry such as Wish of Luck Necklace that prominently displays a peacock symbol which represents love, passion and luck, her love of nature across the world inspired her love necklaces inscribed with a flower and her devotion to her Jewish heritage drove her to create a variety of delicate Star of David necklaces.

Peleg worked as a flight attendant and took a few art classes in photography, pottery and jewelry design. While studying at the renowned jewelry workshop of Yael Shkedi, Peleg learned the intricacies of gold and silver and the proper ways to mold the metal to create the lines and shapes she could previously only imagine.  She fell in love with the art of jewelry design and her ability to create a delicate, wearable piece of art that contained meaningful cultural symbols. Peleg had found her niche.

“My favorite part about creating jewelry is being able to start with a just plate full of metal and end with an intricate statement piece,” says Peleg. “It still amazes me that something so beautiful can come out of nothing.”

Peleg’s Augusta line of jewelry is a favorite among A-list crowd in Israel, famous for its integration of the simplicity and sophistication that brings femininity to a woman while still incorporating meaningful symbols.

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