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Liad’s Custom Silver Jewelry Studio

Founded by chance, the Liad Custom Silver Jewelry Studio was born out of a creative urge, curiosity and time on a young designer’s hands. The young designer, Liad Wischnia Nemeth came to the United States 12 years ago on a vacation from Israel. In the months that followed, Liad met a man who would soon become her husband, got married and decided to call the United States her home.


Children were soon to follow and, as is the unfortunate case with many mothers, Liad’s creativity and personal goals got pushed down her list of priorities as she raised them. Liad then discovered beading, which was great for her hectic schedule and satisfied her creative urges. She enrolled in a silversmith class at a local college to learn more about the technical background of the art and her interest in fashion jewelry peaked along with her creative capabilities.

liad_silver_flower_necklaceHer first charms jewelry pieces were “downright ugly,” according to her husband, but the personal expression she achieved through each and every piece continued to grow and improve. Liad’s husband became intrigued by her art and helped her tinker with her styles and techniques, continuing to perfect each and every piece she created. Through the next few years and after many trials and errors the Liad Custom Silver Jewelry Studio emerged. Liad and her husband launched a website for the studio and finally her personal goals became a reality.

Today Liad’s pieces can be found on her online studio where you can discover distinctive and unique Israeli designs that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it’s jewelry suitable for Jewish gifts, one of a kind photo jewelry or completely custom made-to-order gifts, the studio has something for everyone. Liad and her husband strive to create a treasure that is unique as individual who will wear it.

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