Charmed by Silver Charms Jewelry

When you’re looking for jewelry that not only looks beautiful and compliments your wardrobe, but is also meaningful and symbolic, charms jewelry is the way to go. Charms bracelets, necklaces and key chains all feature pendants and good luck amulets, each of which has its own unique significance.

The most common charm is the hand-shaped hamsa, which is believed to ward off the evil eye and offer protection to those who wear it. Shelly Assody’s Lucky Charms Silver Necklace and Good Luck Charms Silver Necklace feature not only the hamsa, but other notable symbols commonly used in charms jewelry, including the fish, symbolizing prosperity, clover representing luck, heart and Star of David.kabbalah_tooth_pendant_necklacegood_luck_charms_necklace
Certain words can be very symbolic and powerful; words that you want close by at all times. Shelly Assody’s sterling silver pendants – etched with the Hebrew words for health, luck, love, abundance and happiness – keep the significance of these words close whenever the charms bracelets and necklaces are adorned, making each of these items a great, meaningful present.

Charms jewelry can also serve as an outlet for spirituality, as witnessed in YOYO32’s unique pieces, which incorporate the Kabbalah. The weeping willow tree and salt are known to represent good luck and protection, and the sterling silver Weeping Willow Talisman Necklace channels that positive energy. The Tooth Pendant Necklace features the words Shema Israel inscribed on it, keeping the words of the Torah close at heart.

good_luck_charms_silver_keychain1Weeping Willow Charms Talisman Necklace

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