Clever Designs to Keep your Babies Calm and Happy

TutimNYC products will sure to soothe stressed out babies and parents everywhere, the Paci Sitter and Toy Sitter are stylish strips of organic and non-organic cotton, and the concept behind them is ingenious: a clean pacifier or favorite toy is secured to one end, while the other is clipped to the baby’s clothing, blanket, carrier, car seat, or stroller.

Michal Prevor and Irit Maor, two Israeli moms who tried every clip on the market and still weren’t satisfied. They decided to take action and designed cool Pacifier and Toy Sitters that with an easy clip that allows pacifiers and toys stay put, not to get lost or dirty.


The clever design ensures no more frantic searches in the depths of strollers while dejected children howl, no more scooping filthy toys off the floor in the “toss-and-retrieve” game (so popular with toddlers). Frequent use of Sitters will keep pacifiers and toys clean, present and accounted for.

the Sitters are available in a range of modern patterns, ensuring there’s one for every outfit, and every baby. All packaging is eco-friendly and unlike similar products on the market, Paci and Toy Sitters are handmade in the U.S.A. of 100% machine-washable cotton that will never cut or scratch. The Paci Sitter features a plastic coating on the clasp that prevents clothes from being torn or damaged.
Pricing for both products is reasonable, and Sitters help consumers save money by reducing the need to replace lost pacifiers and toys.

TutimNYC will be adding soon, two new products to the TutimNYC brand. The Sippy Sitter and Bottle for keeping sippy cups and bottles sanitary and at close range. In addition, since all four products come in the same fabric patterns, they can be purchased as a matching set!

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2 thoughts on “Clever Designs to Keep your Babies Calm and Happy

  1. Faye Prettyhead says:

    My son is 8 months old and he has a few of these from different shops and all of them he manages to pull off, might have to give this one a try!

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