Less is More with Hands-Free Handbags Design

Once you see Arza Designs hands-free handbags and clutches, you won’t be able to keep your hands off them. Pick their traditional hands-free bracelet bag and you can still opt for their new sac bag and have both of your hands free to go about your day.

The New York City-based Israeli brand Arza Design was founded in 2002 and its products have been on the wrists and forearms of stylish women since. Arza Gilad, the owner and designer of Arza Designs, began her line based on the simple principle that less is more.

arza_hands_free_bracelet_bag1“I like simple design that has an elegant concept behind it – the message is very clear, very clean and still sophisticated,” said Gilad. “This is usually a harder design to make, because you put so little but the result must all the elements of a good design.” Using clean simple shapes and materials, Gilad created a full collection of handbags and clutches that put function before form, allowing its user to easily carry the bag through its unique circular handle.

This hands-free design is found in all of the Arza Design items, which includes a variety of fashionable accessories including its coin purse, sac bag, bracelet clutch and diamond shoulder bag.


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3 thoughts on “Less is More with Hands-Free Handbags Design

  1. Towe says:

    Very cool hand bag. Love it! towe.

  2. Susan says:

    Interesting designs. Don’t see how the circular one is hands-free though.

  3. mab says:

    What an excellently written article.

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