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Upgrade your internal spaces with Luka’s cool decals

Studioluka is a cool Israeli design studio that is focused on graphic design brought into modern interiors. Luka’s collection ranges from lifestyle wall decals, wall typography, borders, lampshades and more. In addition to the wide collection they offer, Studioluka also provides a custom made service called Paste Your Taste™ that offers customers the opportunity to match their design need with a tailor and unique decal.

Luka Decals are creative solution to design interior spaces with graphic icons, stimulates the imagination and the joy of life. The products are made from vinyl sticker wallpapers and do not leave surface damage even after removal. Each design comes in a variety of sizes and colors and in a short and simple process you can transform walls, ceilings, cabinets or any dry and smooth surface area to a special expression of creativity.

Luka kids’ collection is designed to stimulate the mind and imagination of today’s kids. The decals create scenery that keeps children interacting with their surroundings and encouraging their development through all ages: Infants are able to enjoy the bold images and colors that decorate their room, and as they grow, they begin to recognize the variety of animals and scenes created for them. The graphics create stories for their imagination and can easily be added to or changed, as they get older.

Luka Kids Wall Decal My Little GardenTamar Sela, Israeli interior designer, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and worked at a leading interior design firm in New York. She discovered the need for creative and affordable interior design solutions and by combining her love of graphic design and her passion for interior space she designed her surface graphics collection and founded Studioluka.

Studio Luka Lighting Fixtures Vases Wall DecalWith the vision of creating innovative and cost effective modern design solutions Luka are committed to upgrade your space with distinctive accessories. Studioluka is currently selling its graphics decals to over 60 design boutiques and premium chains in Israel and worldwide. With their easy to use products and your imagination, you can use Luka’s collections to upgrade your space.

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