Wallets are a Woman’s Best Friend

In this days and age a wallet is no longer just a small case used to carry cash, credit cards and identification, it is an extension of one’s personality. It’s easy to forget (though sometimes hard not to!) how often we use our wallets and how representative they should be of their owners. Though the different types of designer wallets may be endless, each woman has one that suits her character.


Square wallets embody functionality, and Efika’s Square Wallet has an ultra-chic look that is perfect for young women who don’t need room for a checkbook. Clutch wallets can store anything a woman might need in a wallet, without getting too bulky. Efika’s elegant Clutch Wallet fits neatly into any handbag, but can also serve as a purse during a night on the town, if you can rely on someone else to carry your keys and phone. Smaller than the clutch, but big enough to fit anything you might need, Efika’s Button Wallet features a clean, modern look for women seeking functionality but unwilling to compromise on the chic factor.


The highly unique Kisim Leather Origami Coin Wallet embodies a very Japanese look and quality, and is perfect for carrying small change. The Kisim Kika Tri-fold Wallet is convenient and compact and can hold anything, making it perfect for women who don’t keep their wallets nice and neat. Its elastic band adds an extra splash of color, as well as the option of stuffing the wallet full of paperwork! With its colorful strap, Daniella Lehavi’s Strap Leather Wallet is a modern twist on the classic envelope wallet. This is the perfect choice for women opting for a conservative, yet surprising look with a unique color scheme.kisim_wallabe_origami_wallet_blue

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