Handmade Jewelry, The Beauty of Nature

After years of working in the hi-tech industry, advertising, programming and teaching, Yoav Gefen found his destination in jewelry making. Gefen searched for a way to merge his creative side, the art of creating, painting and sculpting, with his livelihood. At the ripe age of 34 he left everything and went backpacking through India. His journey soon became his new path.
In his journey, he became acquainted with silversmiths and welders who created beautiful jewelry. He watched them work with passion and learned their craft.

Yoav Gefen Geometric EarringsMeanwhile, back in Israel, his retired father coincidentally began studding jewelry making and opened his own workshop. The father and son have been working together ever since, each has his role in the design process – Yoav designs and creates while his father is responsible for the technical design and handling the metals. They create a perfect synergy at work and their connection has never been stronger.

Yoav Gefen Oval Pendent

The Geffen jewelry are handcrafted and have a clean look with a minimalistic sense of aesthetics and a natural grace. Their collection includes earrings with silver plated geometric forms, rings adorned with colored gems from Africa as well as delicate necklaces.

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