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Less Is More – Crochet 3D Jewelry By YooLa

Israeli designer Yael Falk designs for her brand “YooLa” clean geometric jewelry and small home decor pieces. The softness of the metal wires creates a feel of serenity and quiet, originated from the perception that “less is more “.

YooLa Gold Sunflower NecklaceYael’s jewelry are combined of 3D structures and surfaces using fine metal wires such as 14k gold filled, silver and copper. The work is done using a tiny crochet hook and nothing but the designer’s bare hands.  The basic technique was learned in Montreux, Switzerland a couple of years ago and since than designer Yael Falk has developed unique patterns and designs based on that technique.

Yoola Gold BraceletYael has over 15 years of experience in the field of an industrial design and product development. She finds a lot of resemblance between the complex 3D forms she builds on the computer and the elements she creates with her own hands in her jewelry collection.

YooLa’s collection is currently presented in galleries in France, Singapore, USA and Israel.

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26 thoughts on “Less Is More – Crochet 3D Jewelry By YooLa

  1. Kimberly Judge says:

    You work is wonderful absolutely beautiful. My favorite is the bracelet and the ring. Can you give me any advice as to where I can learn to make crocheted jewelry like yours? I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.
    Thanks Again,

  2. YooLa says:

    I’m so proud to find I’m featured here….. thank you 🙂
    and kim – i have a surprise for you, check my etsy shop it has many tutorials including the ones you are looking for 🙂

  3. IUCKXURY says:

    Israeli talent [email protected] lovely creations

  4. LuckXury redbracelet says:

    … and great ideas too!!!

  5. Dafna says:

    Hi Yoola

    As a crocheter and knitter, I think that your works are wonderful and very original.
    I love your works!


  6. 7ART Jewelry says:

    Your work is absolutely Magnificent!
    you know I’m a passionate fan 🙂
    Goooood Lluck!

  7. Talies says:

    Wonderful creation love what u are doing 🙂

  8. Meital Levi says:

    Yoola has a wonderful shop, her works are gorgeous and you can tell the high quality of material and craftsmanship. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Inbar Bareket says:


    I love your work ! Your jewelries are gorgeous !


  10. SchickiMickis says:

    beautiful technique, and even more impresive its unique development
    in the different products!

  11. inbaldesign says:

    Yael, Beautiful work and amazing jewelry!

  12. Yolla’s work is gorgeous. She has taken crocheted jewelry to a new level.

  13. I love yoolas shop!
    I am realy close to buying somthing from her!

  14. michalsclothes says:

    I love your work! it’s special.

  15. Ruth says:

    I must have that bracelet

  16. Limitz says:

    ohhh, Yoola’s knitted jewelry pieces are amazing. I’ve seen them in “LIVE”, I love the pomegranates and amazing pears 🙂

  17. vered says:


  18. RossanaShoshana says:

    Hi yael
    You are doing a Wonderful creation in crocheted .
    I love your works.

  19. Ilana Harel says:

    You are amazing so beautiful works

  20. orlydesign says:

    Yael your work is so beautiful !!!

  21. Yoola, your creations are wonderful! so special and unique.
    Studio Danale

  22. Kimberly Judge says:

    Thank you for your quick response. I will be purchasing your tutorials and hopefully some jewelry. Can you recommend where to purchase the wire and what wire to use? I am new at crocheting jewelry, is this to advanced for someone just starting? Again, I can not tell you how wonderful your work is. Have a wonderful day.

  23. Ilana says:

    You have such a beautiful work – amazing!!!

  24. efiwarsh says:

    Yoola’s work is a truly gorgeous and lively collection of beauties!!!
    I LoVe It:)

    Efi Warsh

  25. YooLa says:

    Thank you all for your fab feedbacks 🙂 it so warms my heart and challenges me to keep creating 🙂
    Dear Kim I suggest you email me and I’ll guide you through [email protected]

  26. Kimberly Judge says:


    I have received three of your pieces of jewelry for Christmas from my husband and my son, I love them. I also bought one of your tutorials, however I am having a very difficult time with it. Is there any secrets to make it easier? Again, Wonderful work.

    One other question, what gauge and type of wire do you use?

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