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Two In One Bags from DN Private Collection

Dikla Peretz and Naama Omer-Levy established the DN Private Collection brand two years ago. This brand is inspired by the conception of the “hand-bag” as a reflection of the woman and created according to her idol. The modern woman fulfills many roles and cannot be constrained to one function, and therefore many of the items in the DN Collection are two-in-one bags.

Clutch Wallet Heart Shaped

The DN Collection features some exciting and unique designs:dn-twiggy-tweed-handbag-grey

The Twiggy tweed handbag was designed by the inspiration of Twiggy, an English supermodel who rose to fame in the sixties. Her boyish look blurred the difference between the appearances of both genders and brought a new attitude to fashion. Like Twiggy, the handbag’s figure is feminine and elegant but on the other hand, it is composed of tweed and leather, used mainly in English men’s clothing, giving the bag its “boyish” look.

Romy Clutch Bags

The Day and Night Clutch Purse is an everyday bag turning into an evening bag. The Romy Clutch Bag was designed by the inspiration of Romy, a one year old baby. Carrying her in a mother’s hands did not allow her to also carry a personal bag. DN designed a hands-free bag, which can be carried on the wrist, like a jewel and can hold all the necessary items. The Trio Silver handbag was designed with the understanding that a woman should choose her own convenience.. the bag can be carried in three modes: evening handbag using two rings only, a shoulder bag with a short leather strap and a messenger style with a long strap.

Every item from DN collection is different, special, exciting and unique, as every woman.

Trio Handbag Silver

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