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Montebello Leather Handbags, A Delight For The Elegant Woman

Montebello lether handbag Orly dark brownMontebello Leather handbags are designed by David MorYousef – a designer, stylist and manufacturer of women’s handbags. MorYousef admits that ever since he could remember he was surrounded by fashion. His father established Prince Abner – a leather fashion enterprise, still thriving today by his family in France. MorYousef worked for over 15 years in some of the best brands in the world such as Begedor Italiy, Mr. Fulop, Eichoff, Macy’s and Mesil.After coming to Israel, He has decided to open his own brand –Montebello Bags Design. In Montebello Bags he uses the best materials, mostly bought from Italy to make elegant, high quality woman bags – natural material such as leather, suede and raffia but also high quality synthetic fabrics such as Alcantra. The designs are simple yet elegant drawing from the classical French-Italian design of the 60s, featuring summer and winter women’s bag.

Montebello lether handbags

Every month MorYousef tries to innovate and create new models. All the work is done by him and the ideas take shape very quickly from designing and styling to manufacturing.

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