Would You Dare To Wear Your Second Skin?

Gal Stern is a vibrant textile designer working for a few years in the booming Israeli fashion scene. Gal is a graduate of the prestigious “Shenkar” high college of design (Israel’s’ top fashion school that produced the likes of Albert Elbaz, Viktor Belaish etc.). Gal was always fascinated by printing and right upon her graduation she decided to open her own studio to dedicate her time in creating her own designs.

Gal Stern Tights

Gal Stern TightsGal’s key products are hand printed tights; these are designed and produced through a special technique developed by Gal. She experiments with new materials and at the moment specializes in a unique combination of cotton and nylon, committed at finding new techniques to create her unique collections of tights. Gal’s designs have been deemed as fresh, intelligent, universal and crazy! Representing a new modern universal woman that wants to appear special in today’s world Gal states: “My design view gushes from my fascination with shapes and the way they attach, transform and create a surface”.

Two key models in Gal’s collection are the Goldfish tights which are a sensation in the Israeli fashion scene; and the Shark tights, inspired by slough of a snake. This model is all about second skin, which is the essence of tights…

Gal Stern TightsGal Stern Tights Gal Stern Tights

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