Fashion Jewelry: Classic Designs With A Trendy Touch

Gazelle Jewelry collection of fashion jewelry combines classic styles with a contemporary urban touch.

Gazelle Jewelry Necklace

The Israeli jewelry designer Zvia Drofibsky says each jewelry is a product of profound thought and extensive research in order to create a unique Jewel that incorporates the new and contemporary with classic elements. Extra attention is given to adapting the jewel with the body by using high quality materials which not only serve as basic substances of the piece itself but are also comfortable and durable.

Gazelle Jewelry Necklace

The colorful, organic patterns and textures are inspired by the designer’s passion for diving, sculpture and automobile industry. The fashion jewelries are created from materials such as pearls, beads, gems, crystals and a variety of fabrics such as leather, strings and threads. All these are embedded and create a collection of jewelry that is both light and contemporary but also classic and sophisticated.

Gazelle Jewelry Pedant Necklace

The collection Colored Strips is an innovative and original collection that is characterized with light yet rich colorfulness that maintains the flow and aesthetics of the design. Colorful fabrics with variety of textures integrated with metals, beads, pearls and different shaped pendants were all used in this magnificent collection. The collection is intended for women looking for unique and fresh designs, beyond the classic and familiar.

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