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10 Wall Decal Design Ideas That Will Rock Your Space

Looking for an easy low cost way to upgrade your internal space? You can add a trendy edge to your living room, a touch of color to your children room or a sophisticated look to your office by adding removable wall decals. To make life easier for you we’ve put together a list of the 10 wall decal design ideas to upgrade your interiors.

Luka Kids Wall Decal Zebra

Studio Luka Wall Decal OrchidBedroom
Bring a gentle relaxing feeling into your bedroom with this beautiful orchid wall decal. Choose from a variety of soft colors combination and start counting birds instead of sheep before falling asleep.

Luka Wall Decal Large FlowersLiving Room
Sometimes all you need is a single design item to make the entire room a stylish and modern space. This extra large flowers wall decal will do just that. Simple and elegant, in classic colors, it’s a perfect and easy design solution.

Luka Kids Wall Decal Yellow SubmarineChildren Room
Make your kids’ fantasies come true with this colorful yellow submarine wall decal, designed to stimulate the mind and imagination of today’s kids. Explore together the underwater world in a beautiful children room.

Luka Wall Decal Layers Of LeavesOffice Space
Add a sophisticated touch to your office space with this large layers of leaves wall decal. It will bring a bit of nature into the working space and create a relaxed atmosphere in a stylish way. The employees will love it.

Luka Wall Decal Radio ShakeMusic Room
Whether you own a music club, have a music room at home or simply passionate about music and wants a cool musical chic in your space, this large radio shake wall sticker will give your space that special note it needs.

Luka Wall Decal Guitar HeroTeenager’s Room
So you are at that age when you don’t ever want to clean up your room but you still want it to be so cool? This guitar hero wall decal will make even the most messed up room into the coolest teenagers kingdom.

Luka Wall Decal Retro ChairWaiting Room
People usually spend a lot of time in the waiting room so why not make it a fun space to be in? This retro chair wall decal will give the perfect background and add a touch of humor while people are waiting.

Luka Kids Wall Decal Lola's MoonGirl’s Room
Every little girl wants to be a princess, so create a colorful kingdom for your princess with this kid’s wall decal of Lola’s moon. It will bring magic and joy to your imaginative little girl’s room.

Luka Wall Decal Keep It SimpleStudent Dorms
Student dorms are not the first thing that pops into mind when you think of stylish interior spaces, but a small decorative addition can make all the difference, like with this typographic wall sticker reminding the students to keep it simple.

Luka Wall Decal ApplesKitchen
For some reason the kitchen’s walls usually left bare, but this room could have a modern and fun style with this great apples wall decals, available in a variety of colors. Suddenly everybody would want to help cook and wash the dishes.

Studio Luke designs great wall decal stickers made of removable vinyl in various styles and colors, creating innovative and cost effective modern design solutions. Simply peel and stick to your walls, ceilings, cabinets or any dry and smooth surface area to transform your space.

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