Love and Other Bad Habits

Israeli fashion and design echoes the Israeli mentality: up front, modern, free, and sincere. There are a lot of young designers emerging in the Israeli fashion scene that are committed to artistic integrity, rather than homogenized design that is mass produced. That approach is presented by the Israeli actress, writher and artist, Meital Dohan, in her new book: “Love and Other Bad Habits

Dohan, an Israeli style icon, confess that “Love and Other Bad Habits is a very upfront and sincere approach to sharing a very personal moment in my life when I was engaged and madly in love with someone. These strong emotions were the springboard to the book, and I think this passionate approach mirrors the approach Israeli designers take when they are conceptualizing everything such as color, texture, and material in their work.”

This visually and poetically stimulating new book exhibits a rare tapestry of Israeli feminine identity. Writer Meital Dohan and photographer Karen Gillerman-Harel juxtapose visual text with narrative pictures exposing the side effects of love and moments unspoken. Much of this book is about defiance, irony, the immortalization of feminine beauty, the conflict between the different roles of women in the modern world and the expectations they need to meet.

Love And Other Bad Habits” was part of an exhibitions project in The Women’s Festival in Israel 2006, exhibited in the feature event of “The Beauty City” in Israel July 2007, and presented in many exhibitions in Tel Aviv. The third edition of the book has just been donated to the organization, “Ladies Circle.” The book is presently for sale in various stores in the U.S.

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