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Timeless Design: Hilla Toledano’s Leather HandBags and Purses

Fashion designer Hilla Toledano created a collection of leather handbags, clutches and purses reflecting eternal style and a timeless quality. The bags are made of high quality leather and Italian gold buckles that won’t wear out over the years and look like bags that have been passed down through generations of women without scuff or tarnish. Hilla’s collection is inspired by the art of the Roccoco from early 18th century Europe. The Roccoco is characterized by fluidity and curvy lines and shapes that resemble shells, gentle colors and fancy elements, worthy of the European aristocracy. All can be found in her collection.

Corto Clutch Bag Light Blue Snake

After her military service Hilla traveled to Argentina and stayed in El Bolson,
a town known for its arts and crafts. There, many of the artists practice the
art of creating out of leather. Hilla discovered a new passion and with her
return to Israel, began designing her first collection of leather bags. Hilla enrolled to fashion studies but soon realized the best education she could get would be in the field, working side by side with a professional. After extensive searching, she found her mentor – a professional with 40 years of experience in the art of leather, who acquired his education in Morocco under the French regime. The French had wide knowledge of unique techniques, which Hilla learned and put into use in her designs. After working alongside her mentor for a year, she felt ready to launch her unique high quality brand: Hilla Toledano Handbag and Accessories Design.

As part of her inspiration, Hilla even titles her designs with Spanish words relating to the Roccoco style; Corfe means in an old treasure chest, and indeed the Corfe Purse has a square shape and large emphasis on the smallest details, and can be carried like a small treasure chest or as a necklace. Perla means pearl in Spanish, and the Perla Leather Purse is shaped like a leather seashell hiding a beautiful pearl inside, with its small measures and long straps it can contain everything you need to carry. Suave means soft, curvy lines, and the Suave Leather Handbag has exactly those features, comfortable and flexible, this handbag is a must-have for every stylish woman.

Corfe Purse Powder SnakePerla Purse TurquoiseSuave Handbag Smoked Purple
Hilla’s handbags, clutches and purses appeared in many fashion photo shoots and editorials in Israeli magazines, and have been receiving excellent reviews for their exceptional design and high quality finish, after only 2 years in the Israeli fashion scene.

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