62 Years Of Israeli Fashion Are Back

Israel is celebrating its 62 birthday tomorrow and we think it’s a great opportunity to look back at the hot trends of Israeli fashion across the decades. Surprisingly most of Israeli previous fashion trends are now back in style, fresher and chicer than ever! Here is a glimpse to great Israeli fashion icons from the 40’s to the 90’s and how they are influencing modern Israeli fashion designer today.

Khaki shorts
Then: The khaki shorts were a real icon and reflected the youth rebel and the early immigrations of the 40s. Israeli youth replaced their European suits with the khaki shorts with a typical front fold. Men and women have embraced this trend, suitable for Israel’s hot climate, and wore it proudly.
Now: Bare legs and khaki shades have been strong trends in world fashion for several seasons, and Israeli designers were pleased to restore the mythological khaki shorts. Still suitable for Israeli warm wether and stylish than ever, khaki shorts in different variations can be found in many Israeli designers’ summer collections.

Strap Sandals
Then: Strap sandals were called biblical sandals, and every girl wore them. Comfortable and suitable for the warm weather, strap sandals went great with light dresses of the time.
Now: Almost every Israeli designer’s collection has sandals reminiscent of the Biblical model. Gladiator sandals trend is surviving two seasons already, and put the leather strap sandals back in fashion.

Ethnic-Inspired Dresses
Then: Maskit was an Israeli fashion brand that was established in 1954 and created beautiful dresses combining modern shapes with design elements from the Mediterranean folklore. The brand’s desert and toga dresses were its most representative designs, and were worn in the 50s by politicians’ wives and sold abroad.
Now: Cooperation between Israeli designers with traditional embroiders continue until today. Israeli designer Gideon Oberzon created a new collection of ethnic dresses , made in collaboration with Bedouin embroiders.

Floral Prints
Then: An advertisement from 1969 reads: “You have a diverse selection of modern and colorful cotton dresses, light and elegantly tailored.” Indeed, light floral dress was the most popular items in the Israeli summer, and it ruled the Israeli closet throughout the decade.
Now: The floral prints are popular this summer almost as they were in the 60s. There is almost not one feminine collection that doesn’t relates to this trend.

Harem Pants
Then: The harem pants broke into the Israeli fashion mainstream in the 70s, usually combined with a wide tunic hiding all traces of a waist line. The herem pants designed by Leah Gottlib, head designer of Gottex fashion house, were titled “the most beautiful and original.”
Now: Ethnic and Eastern trends are back in summer 2010 collections, and the harem pants are a must have item, with new fabrics and colors.

Then: The year 1984 was Gottex’s year. That year the Israeli brand launched a revolutionary lycra swimsuit which won the title “Seven Suit”. This strapless full swimsuit was reported in the world press and made the Israeli swimwear brand world known.
Now: Gottex continues to design and create winning cut swimsuits, and for summer 2010 collection revived its 80s prints, sold around the world.

Plastic Sandals
Then: The plastic sandals were a hit in the 90s. They were called Jellyfish Sandals or Shkafakfim (from the Hebrew word for “see-through”). The plastic sandals were everywhere in many shapes and colors, even with heals. From beach footwear they became a luxury fashion item.
Now: Plastic sandals are back in style. Thanks to new technology the variety grew, and now you can even find plastic boots! Israeli designers are looking for the original models of the plastic sandals from the 90s to copy them.

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