Can Hebrew Jewelry Be Hot?

In light of Israel’s 62nd birthday, we’re taking a look at the unique appeal of Hebrew jewelry, worn both for blessings and fashion purposes. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Madonna have been photographed wearing a necklace or bracelet with a Hebrew charm or inscribed with a Hebrew blessing. There are two great reasons to wear Hebrew jewelry and looks like celebrities are in on the trend. While they can be worn because they have words or symbols that refer to luck, success, protection, and happiness, they are also great style statements for the body.

Hebrew jewelry is a great way to mix blessings and fashion in the same look. Here are some unique pieces that offer a more specific take on Hebrew charm classics.

Shema Israel
The “Shema Israel” prayer is the most well-known one in Judaism. It is a declaration of faith in the existence of  one being that watches over us. The words in Hebrew mean, “Hear Me, O Israel.”  The Shema Israel Classic Necklace is a fashionable way to showcase your faith to the world at all times. The wide circle pendant is fixed with a leather strap and the necklace is made of stylish silver.

Alef Hey
Alef is the first letter in the Hebrew language and it represents the spirituality of creation, generosity, and new beginnings, while Hey is the fifth letter and is equivalent to God in the Jewish culture. Put them together and the combination symbolizes fertility. The Alef Hey Twins Necklace, holding these two Hebrew letters, is a stylish piece that seems just right for trendy moms and moms-to-be who want to feel protected by the blessing while going for a cool, mod look.

Alef Lamed Daled
According to Kabbalah,the Alef, Lamed, Daled combination means protection against the evil eye. That’s why it’s not surprising to often find this group of letters together on a Hamsa necklace, which also guards against evil. For truly strong protection, the Hamsa Pendant Silver Necklace is a way to do both. The leather and different types of silver chains are so trendy that those around you will be more captivated by the style than the idea behind it, giving you a reason to feel safe and chic at the same time.

The Blessings Charm Silver Bracelett is a chic way to give thanks without having to say the words. The words carved in Hebrew on the circular charm offer a personal blessing for health, luck, success, love, happiness, joy, prosperity, and peace.  Further enhancing the Hebrew words, the bracelet also includes a hand charm to ward off evil spirits.

Another statement-making Hebrew jewelry is Shelly Assody’s Silver Heart Pendant Necklace featuring a silver heart pendant with the same meaningful blessing in Hebrew. The necklace also includes an edgy black rubber chain and a special V closure made of silver.

Hebrew jewelry is hotter than ever, keeping you trendy and up to date, with an extra special meaning of protection and blessing for who ever wears it.

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