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Bags With No Boundries: K. Brat’s Bags

K.Brat is a young fashion and accessories label, created by Israeli designer Keren Brat. The leather collection features large handbags, purse bags and belts, all made in unique style with a tribal wink and a modern twist. A designer handbag for the stand-out-woman.

Keren moved to London to pursue her life dream to self-express her vision through fashion. She graduated from The London College of Fashion, and began working with designers Louis De-Gama and Aluma Klein, where she gained valuable experience in pattern cutting, sewing, designing and various textile techniques.

Fascinated by leather as a medium and traditional techniques, K.Brat debut its first handbags collection; ‘Cutting Through’ in 2007.‘Boundaries’ is the label’s 2010-11 collection, where leather belts were introduced into the collection for the first time. Keren’s designs and vision are deeply influenced and inspired by cultural studies of tribal customs and art forms worldwide, combining her two greatest passions; Fashion and Anthropology.

The bags are dramatically constructed with great attention to details and play with colors, textures and shapes. The unusual pick of lining fabrics, which were selected in East Asia, is one of the collection’s signatures. The bags and belts have a daring edge, yet practical for everyday use for women who want to stand out from the crowd. There is a constant mixture within the collection of hard against soft, traditional against modern, which allow you to enjoy both worlds in a harmonious composition.

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