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Kids Get Creative With Drawing Dolls

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a children’s toy that is fun to cuddle with, interesting to play with, imaginative to draw on, and most important – to use again and again each time creating a new toy? Manuella’s drawing doll is all that and more, a dream come true for children and their parents.

Manuella’s drawing doll is a unique kids’ doll that can be scribbled on with special markers and than washed and reused. The child can create the face and the outfit they wish for their doll to have, stimulating their creativity and self expression. After drawing the doll, the child can play with it, cuddle with the soft doll or hang it as a mobile above the bed, until the next use.

Two new friends are now joining the familiar boy & girl drawing dolls – the hero and the fairy. The characters a child’s imagination can create with these dolls are endless, and now the water based markers arrive in the shape of a scepter to play with as well. The fairy drawing doll has cute wings and the hero drawing doll has a cape, more fun items to draw on!

Just choose your favorite drowning doll and start making your child’s dreams come true!

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