Pump Up Your Style With Leather Jewelry

Gone are the days of jewelry in mere silver and gold. Sure, they are exquisitely beautiful and quite often, extravagant, too, but they don’t always have the personality that comes from something flexible, functional, and very fashionable. Enter leather jewelry, necklaces and bracelets. Urban, edgy, stylish, with a little kick—designer leather jewelry is a great way to update your look in a fashionable way. It’s modern and chic, and available in a variety of colors and designs. Jewelry of any kind adds that extra punch to your ensemble, but when you top it off with something in leather, you truly turn it up a notch.

For something truly fierce and ferocious, a red leather necklace oomphs up an otherwise plain piece of jewelry. Add some gold plated additions and the forward moving trendsetter is ready to go. That’s why we love Hagar Satat’s Oval Discs Leather Necklace. The vibrant piece is one of a kind, and the 24k gold plated discs add that extra touch of lavishness that makes stylized fashion jewelry.

Bangles have come back on the fashion looking mod, rejuvenated, and reborn. This time, your average silver, gold, or black piece has been replaced by bold colors. There’s the trendy turquoise color topping Hagar Satat’s Piped Leather Bracelet, which is made of seven striking leather hoops in 24k gold or silver plated metal. This is a jewelry that is truly invigorating.

Check out this innovative kind of necklace in a typical color, though its anything but typical. Hagar Satat’s Leather Snake Bracelet might be made of silver and gold, but it’s ability to be worn in two different styles creates a dramatic design that makes it all the more unique. For the ultimate trendsetter, the necklace can be tied or a double short necklace comforts the classic chick.

Boldly go where no brown has gone before when you try an authentic piece of jewelry in brash but brave brown leather. Hagar Satat’s conveniently combines classic and cool with a brown Knots of Leather Necklace wrapped in 24k gold or silver plated links for the common fashionista who blends fab with funky.

Blue is unconventional and edgy, and when you wear it as a cuff bracelet, it’s all the more eclectic. Hagar Satat’s Paisley Cuff Leather Bracelet has all the makings of an urban chic bracelet and the blue keeps it punky cool and interestingly eccentric. 

You’d think grey would be a monotone shade, but there’s something about combining it with leather that keeps it imaginative and unique. The knitted grey balls of Hagar Satat’s Knitted Ball Leather Bracelet are mixed with leather balls in a similar pattern that make for perfectly distinct fashion jewelry in an innovative arrangement.

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