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Sex And The City Style Tribute

Sex And The City 2 premiered this May around the world and we are here to celebrate its extraordinary style! During the show and both movies fashion has played another character, sometimes even bigger than its 4 co-stars. Costume designer Patricia Field didn’t stop at cloths and fashion accessories like shoes and bags have taken central stage.
Field’s deft styling hand has turned the characters into small-screen fashion icons and has sparked trends ranging from high-end designer bags to fabric flowers. The show has been enormously influential on fashion and created trends that transcended way beyond the TV screen such as stilettos, must-have designer bags, great coats, the bob, flower pins, initial necklaces and designer wedding chic.

Sex and the city’s style influence grew much bigger than merely trend setting and exposed a lot of designers, grand and new, to thousands of fashion lovers. Remember it was this show that brought Manolo to the masses, which is no small feat. Among the designers who got to make it to the exclusive wardrobe of Carrie was the Israeli designer handbag brand Kisim. This beautiful large tote was carried by Carrie in her NY trendy errands during last season.

The Stylish Kisim Cube handbag is an innovative three-dimensional handbag with a wide base, it’s very roomy so it can be stuffed with all of your belongings and yet when you don’t want to carry everything you own it collapses down to a slim size. Like all of Kisim’e designs, the Kisim cube handbag is inspired by the simple solutions of Japanese fabric design and the traditional leather craftsmanship of the Middle East. Known for its clean, fluid aesthetic, expresses a balance of femininity and modernity. A perfect fit for a style icon.

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