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A Match Made In Fashion Heaven

Being a true fashionesta doesn’t mean only getting the right fashionable piece of clothes or accessory, it’s the matching of these pieces that creates a style. Sometimes you can get great fashion accessories but the matching is all wrong and you get an incoherent look. It probably happened to all of us; you want to look your best for an elegant evening, and while the dress, shoes, and jewelry are perfect, your bag is all wrong, fitting a day at the office rather than a party. As you know, there aren’t rules in fashion, but a little guidance can’t hurt, so we’ve put together a matching guide of three basic accessories according to your style type.

The Working Woman
Go for an elegant-sport combo in brown, that’s says I’m sophisticated and stylish, and I’ll get the job done. The designer Basket Large Handbag in Brown will carry all your essentials with comfort and chic. The Efika Button Wallet in African Brown is a great addition to hold your money and business cards. Top it all with a Big Heart Silver Pendant Necklace, a fashionable but elegant jewelry that’s not too serious, adorned with a small brown leather strap to match.

The New Mommy
Go for pastel color combination that relaxes your baby, but at the same time keeps you stylish. The Hollamama’s designer diaper bag is all about functionality with style, made of gold satin with light blue jacquard front pockets to create a rich look. For your personal belongings carry this beautiful Clutch Purse Wings in Peach inside the bag, and take it out to carry by hand when needed. Now that you’re a mom you’ll surely want to count your blessing, so to complete your look wear this Blessings Charm Silver Bracelet with a personal blessing etched in Hebrew for health, luck, success, love, happiness, joy, prosperity, bless and peace.

The Elegant Woman
For an elegant look keep the color tones dark and go for sophisticated clean shapes and materials. The key accessory is the Efika Clutch Wallet in Shiny Croco Black leather, pure elegance lies in it. You’ll only need one jewelry and it has to make an impact. We love this Paisley Trail Pendant Necklace in gold for a glamorous and unique chic. For the final touch wear these Leaves Print Tights to surprise in something more fashionable than the classic black tights.

The Urban Chick
This look is all about comfort to walk the urban streets but with a great casual style.
Start of with this funky designer Cotton Scarf Grey Pattern which gets secured with a unique black button for extra chic. To carry your everyday essentials add the Butterfly Handbag in Silver, it has stylish appearance outside and great practicality inside, and the silver color is so cool. Now all you need is the right jewelry like this Leather Snake Bracelet in silver and black which is so trendy. Now you’re ready to conquer the city with style.

The Dramatic Woman
This one is for all you wow-lovers who like their style to be dramatic but still fashionable. Start with this stylish Kisim Cube Handbag in red. The large designer handbag has the right color and unique shape to create a dramatic look without going over the top. As for the wallet inside the bag our advise is to go sunny with this Heart Clutch Wallet in yellow; romantic, functional and oh so bright! For a final touch wear these large Angle Wing Earrings. The wings shape, textile hand made techniques and pearls, combine into a dazzling jewelry

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