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Fashion has always been inspired by cultures around the world. Wearing clothing and accessories that display the vast diversity of differing cultures is not only interesting but also very chic! Fashion has been turning more Eastern and embracing the design trends of India, Japan, China, Africa, and the Middle East. Take for example Sex and The City, the most fashion-inspiring of tv series took their girls from the big apple to the Middle Eastern city of Abu Dhabi in their second movie, and saluted it through fashion and design.

Carrying out the ethnic trend doesn’t mean dressing up in a full-on traditional Indian sari. A trendy accessory with an ethnic twist can be just as fashionable. Israeli designers are embracing their own Middle East fashion statements in ethnic design, and translating the trend into modern beautiful accessories.

Adi Bakshi’s scarves are more than just a slouchy accessory with a unique detailed button. This Pattern Satin Scarf takes the pattern of an Arabic galabia and turns it into a fashionable feminine accessory in black and pink. You can opt for a wide-set scarf to really show off a fuller look or choose a narrow scarf for something lighter.
This Paisley Cuff Leather Bracelet by Hagar Satat has patterns similar to the patterns of traditional tattoos in the Far East. We’re used to seeing this droplet shaped motif of Indian and Persian origin, but the fact that it’s actually carved into a leather bracelet makes it highly stylish and unique.
You don’t need to overdo it on the ethnic prints. Just a small amount will already make quite the fashion statement. The Zohara Tights label seems to have the right idea with these playful Sun Flower Print Tights in black that include just a bit of an ethnic motif on the front of both legs in the form of an ethnic print in gold. It’s a fun and flirty way to keep your look original, while adding just a splash of ethnic inspiration.

The beautiful paisley print takes precedent with these luscious Paisley Oriental Earrings by designer Inbar Shahak. The handmade jewelry lies in a drop shape that has both paisley print and oriental influences, with freshwater pearls and unique textile techniques that make these earrings really one-of-a-kind but also rich and magnificent.
The ultra-trendy Japanese orgami art concept is best exemplified in this super cool wallet design that combines clean lines and interesting shapes. Kisim’s Wallabe Origami Wallet contains hidden spaces for your personal items, from change to credit cards. It comes in an array of mod colors like pink, purple, black, and brown for more fun.
The Lace Gold Medallion of this leather necklace looks just like a traditional mosaic often found on Indian floor tiles. Here the pattern has been inscribed into a trendy necklace with a gold ornament that makes the entire piece of jewelry both romantic and stylish.
Even babies and their mamas can eye up a modern translation on ethnic prints. This Hollamama designer diaper bag is made of gold satin with purple jacquard front pockets to create a rich Eastern look. The bag is still utterly fashionable and functional too, with multi-pockets and shoulder straps allowing the mom to carry it for baby all day long.

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