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Making Waves: Unique Seashell Jewelry

Design inspirations can come from everywhere. When the source is close to the designer’s heart you usually get to witness a beautiful design. So is the case with Israeli jewelry designer Hadas Merimah who creates unique beautiful jewelry from sea shells, arriving from her beloved sea.

Ever since she was a little girl, growing up in Tel Aviv, the sea has been a second home to Hadas. With such an easy access to the beach she had developed a special place in her heart for all things from the sea. She was inspired and fascinated with the natural beauty the sea provides. She loved to collect empty seashells, and was captivated by their unique shapes and textures.

It’s not until years later, with a degree in design from The Fashion Institute of Technology that Hadas decided to follow her passion and create her own jewelry line. After a lot of experiments, Hadas felt the added artificial material took away the essence of the seashells. She realized seashells are created with perfection, just like a fine diamond, and her goal is to make them shine in their most natural state.

So with a lot of patience and creativity, Hadas had found a way to carve and cut these spiral shells and make them into one-of-a-kind beautiful seashell rings and necklaces. These stunning spiral shell jewelry make an elegant statement and bring flair to any outfit, exquisite and captivating for any occasion. A pure treasure from the ocean!

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