Man Power: Designer Men’s Jewelry

It’s time to give the men some credit. Men have become more aware of looking good in the past few years and with awareness come style. Now more than ever those same men make an extra effort to create a fashionable look with stylish clothes, shoes and even accessories. Once a woman’s territory, jewelry is no longer simply for the girls. Still, if you’re a man, you shouldn’t worry about looking too fashionably femme. Men’s jewelry has distinct features that make it quite masculine; many of the pieces are created from rougher materials, clean shapes, and larger sizes.

Israeli designer YOYO32 designs exquisite men’s jewelry with sterling silver and leather. His pieces are masculine, but also especially meaningful because much of his collection is inspired by the Kabbalah. Therefore, each piece has a special meaning, making it both stylish and unique. Here are some great examples of his men’s jewelry:

YOYO32’s Fives Classic necklace includes a ball chain that features a sterling silver circle pendant with a leather strap. While definitely the epitome of manliness, the pendant also conveys a simple, but meaningful message. It’s inscribed with the number five, a symbol for protection from the evil eye.
Every man deserves a crown right? This Silver Round Crown Leather Necklace features a crown symbol on the black leather and a sterling silver talisman pendant for added effect, so the man wearing it can really show the world who’s boss with style
This Shema Israel Leather Bracelet is the perfect example of tough meets delicate. The thick leather band is enhanced with a more delicate rectangular silver pendant. The silver pendant is inscribed with words from the Jewish Bible that are said in prayer services. This makes the small piece a whimsical, but albeit significant piece of jewelry for any man.
Care for a meaningful necklace without the added leather toughness? Opt for a double silver necklace from YOYO32’s collection. It features a round sterling silver talisman with the Hebrew words “Shema Israel” while the chain makes the pendant stand out. It’s perfect for the man who proudly wears his jewelry.
Comfortable, casual, and cool, this handmade Hey Leather Bracelet is clasped with an additional sterling silver pendant. The pendant is carved with the Hebrew letter Hey, which stands for many meaningful things including good luck. It’s a lightweight, but slick addition to your wrist.
This sterling silver tooth pendant necklace may be as hardcore as they come. YOYO32 is especially adept at combining the material with the spiritual. Here the cool tooth is etched with the Hebrew words “Shema Israel”, giving the necklace both a masculine and meaningful touch.

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