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Star Of Style: Efika Star Leather Wallets

Origami accessories are a modern, structured but whimiscal take on a traditional Japanese paper folding art form. This art form can translate to intricately cut handbags, architectural necklaces, and eye-catching bracelets and clutches. Efika’s Star Leather Wallets may just be the perfect example. It’s a high-end quality leather wallet that’s shaped like a star and opens in four different directions in the same way one can unfold an origami paper figure.

The contrast of sophisticated leather and contemporary, playful design makes for quite the beautiful fashion alternative to more traditional women’s leather wallets. Yet, it still maintains an overall classic look with traditional colors like brown and camel.

You can shape the wallet in lots of different ways purely for your own convenience. In one move, detach the inside part and fold it in itself to make a small wallet like one often carried by a man. In another move, feel free to use an open credit card slot in one of the cells without having to open the entire wallet every time.

There are of course, traditional aspects to the wallet: an external zipper pocket for pocket change, button closures, and classic dimensions for the typical size of a wallet. But don’t these conventional aspects fool you, the Efika Star Wallet is an incredible, modern work of art.

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