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The Mother Of All Designer Bags

Babies are such a nice way to start people, but just because you’re a mom it doesn’t mean you have to let go of your personal style. The key is to find a way to mesh the baby and mommy world together. How can moms do that? It’s simple. Opt for a young, hip, super trendy, but ultimately functional designer diaper bag! Coming in an array of colors, textures, and styles, designer diaper bags are the newest must-have item for moving moms. They are comfortable, but stylish, easy to carry-along, and fun. Best of all, it’s obvious that each and every one is made with love to help you care for the one that is nearest and dearest to your heart.

Most moms end up using the diaper bag as an all-purpose accessory and carry it along everywhere they go, so why not do that with great style? Here are some lovely and chic designer diaper bags for type of mom:

The Stylish Mom
Diaper bags, being apart of the baby world, are never the most elegant of items. That’s why Hollamama has stepped in to create the ultimate bag for simple sophistication for those moms unwilling to let go of their chic style. Made of luscious leather, this Hollamama designer diaper bag also has pieces of gold satin and purple jacquard with front pockets that create a rich look.

The Mother of Two
Carrying a large load, two kids or more at your side, is something that requires lots of extra support. That’s why the Gittabags Diaper Bag Model 108 is the perfect place for plenty of items. Besides being super functional, practical and ultra-comfortable, it’s also has an ultra-cool design and a convenient changing pad, laundry net, and much more.

The Cool Mom
For those moms who like their style casual and cool, without too much effort put in, the hip Heidi Designer Diaper Bag in denim is the ultimate way to go. It is practical for all-purpose use, has unique straps that attach to all baby strollers and can be worn as a shoulder or messenger bag or even as a backpack. Cool moms will be thrilled with this pragmatic purchase.

The Black Fanatic Mom
Many women believe black to be more stylish than any other color. With babies’ related products the cheerful colors usually dominant and it makes it hard to stay chic. That’s why many moms will forgo the more colorfully coiffed diaper bags in favor of a rich black one like this functional Hollamama Diaper Bag in black which looks like your favorite little black handbag, only bigger.

The Young Mom
What new mom isn’t notorious for having a lot on their mind with new baby? Luckily, the Gittabags Diaper Bag Model 102 is just right for such a mom. Highly organized with functional and easy storage for everything you can think of, this bag also arrives with a changing pad and an active fold to help you change your newborn in any situation.

The Water Loving Mom
Diaper bag designers have truly thought of everything related to babies and moms. Gittabags designed a new beach/pool bag for parents who want a practical diaper bag to take to the pool or beach. The large bag can be carried as a backpack diaper bag, shoulder diaper bag, or hung on a stroller and is specially suited for beach blanket babies and the moms who love them.

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