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Inbar Shahak’s Art Deco Jewelry Collection

Inbar Shahak is a jewelry designer with prior background as a textile designer. Inbar’s jewelry combines ancient textile techniques with metal coated with Silver or 24 karat Gold to create special hand made jewelry. Her jewelry is inspired by ancient lace and crochet patterns which are translated into stunning pieces that can be worn as every-day pleasures or special occasions.

art nouveau oriental earrings silverInbar’s new collection, the “Art Deco” collection takes its inspiration from luxurious Art-Deco jewelry. This inspiration was transformed into new pieces as the initial Art-Deco design, which is very rich and royal looking – becomes something more fashionable, fun and contemporary.

The collection features Necklaces and earrings with a royal atmosphere by using motifs in black and gold colors as well as adding beautiful black and crystal white gemstones.

papion BG pendant necklace gold

gift pearl earrings gold

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