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Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day with Romantic Wall Decals

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to do some re-decorating, and it’s simpler than you think. You can make your room more romantic and set it as a statement of love. The only things you may want to add are some candles and the right soundtrack, and voila! You have an original, unforgettable evening which will last longer than just February 14th…

wall decal love

Romantic Wall Decals for Your Bedroom

Add some romance to your bedroom simply by applying a wall decal that reflects your taste and personal touch. It can be the one saying “Love”, the pair of birds with hearts and flowers or the Chinese “Love, Trust, Dream” wall decal – after all, isn’t it what we all want in a relationship?

wall decal lovewall decal love trust dreamwall decal love birds

Setting a Romantic Mood in the Kitchen

If you’re not going out on Valentine’s Day, you can still have a home-cooked romantic dinner, and feel like you’re on the most romantic place in your area. Write the meal’s menu on a chalk-board wall decal (and don’t forget to add a personal love note), or apply a chandelier wall decal to create your own scene in your kitchen.

wall decal chandelier

Wall Decals in Nursery & Kids rooms

Valentine’s is a day to show your love not only to your partner but to everyone around you. Decorate your kids’ room with heart motif wall decals. Whether your kid’s favorite theme is a robot, bunnies or just the color pink, you can find the design that will fit your – and their- taste.

kids wall decal i love youkids wall decal emma's heartswall decal hearts pattern

Browse collection of unique wall decals to be inspired with more romantic ideas for Valentine’s!

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