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Fashion Jewelry That Redefines The Relationship Between Metals And Leather

Coolil Hagar Satat Fashion Jewelry

Hagar Satat’s latest fashion jewelry collection continues to redefines the relationship between metals and leather. Her Classic Gold and Black Choker has traditional charm with eye catching 24-carat gold and black color, while the Folded Gold fashion leather bracelet stretches the idea of using leather as fashion.

Folded Fashion Gold & Leather Necklace

Classic Gold & Black Choker

Through gold plating, Satat created a selection of refined works that stand alone, or function as pieces of an entire ensemble. She furthers exploration of contrasting materials by also introducing fine Swarovski crystals to her Leather Band Symmetrical Swarovski Ring, Black. With just a simple gold prong setting, clean black leather and a cut black Swarovski shine in a unique art piece that makes a true statement to fashion.

Leather Gold Plated Square Ring

Hagar Satat is on a mission to redefine how the world views the idea of a “jewel”. As a fashion jewelry designer graduate from the jewelry and fashion department at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, she has the ambition and dedication to share her unique views and talents through the entire fashion industry. Hagar Satat started her own line of metal jewelry in 2004 and over the years has slowly reveled in her own personal exploration of diverse materials, especially when it comes to leathers. Different texture and color combinations with precious metals has become a common theme of hers and her hand-made designs present both conventional and traditional values in the idea of fashionable jewelry-wear. A native of Isreal, her brands and works are displayed in her own personal studio and shops all over the world.

Leather Flowers Bracelet

Hagar Satat’s fashion leather necklaces, rings, and bracelets have brought a new way of thinking and look to modern jewelry design in only a short amount of time. As her style and ideas continue to grow, she is sure to reshape the way the industry looks at using unconventional materials.

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