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Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift? Six Trendy & Unique gift ideas

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Next Tuesday the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day (It’s time to put a push reminder on your iPhone!) and those who precede search for anything just to be red, heart-shaped, with an engraving of a flower, playing the Stevie Wonder to the end battery. We gathered a fun collection of gifts that are less predictable, available on and affordable for any type of relationship…

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Gift Ideas

Get Stylish for St. Patrick’s Day With Clover Charms

St. Patrick’s Day is here soon. If you haven’t picked up anything green to wear yet, you can always show your love for this fun day by wearing charmed jewelry! (which will also remain long after the beer fumes have evaporated…)

St. Patrick’s Day most famous symbol is the 4-leaf clover, which is an uncommon variation of the common, three-leaved one. According to legend, each leaf represents something: the first is for hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck.
The clover is one of the common charms that can be found in good luck and blessings charms jewelry. Others include hearts, Hamsa (palm shaped palm-shaped amulet ,believed to be a defense against the evil eye), horseshoe for luck and fish as a symbol of prosperity, and many more.

white braided leather bracelet

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Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day with Romantic Wall Decals

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to do some re-decorating, and it’s simpler than you think. You can make your room more romantic and set it as a statement of love. The only things you may want to add are some candles and the right soundtrack, and voila! You have an original, unforgettable evening which will last longer than just February 14th…

wall decal love

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Coolil’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: A gift idea for every fashion decade

hagar satat fashion jewelry necklace
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What’s your favorite era style? Are you a 20’s tassels fan or an 80’s glam-rock lover? Whatever your style era is, you can match it with a great Valentine’s day gift guide from Coolil. No matter what, love never goes out of style.

If Betty Draper and Joanny Holloway from Mad Men are your style inspiration, these gorgeous vintage inspired clutches are perfect for you. DN Private Collection’s leather clutches in nude or black crocodile are a stylish combination of classic vintage and trendy chic and make the perfect accessory for a romantic dinner date.

vintage clutch purse brownVintage Clutch Purse Black

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Valentine’s Gift Guide: We Heart Hearts

Think of a heart icon. We’ll all probably vision the same thing, a red colored heart. But if you stop for a second to wonder what is the origin of the heart icon, you’ll be surprised to discover some interesting facts regarding the history of this popular icon.

Big Heart Silver Pendant Necklace

Perhaps the first known use of the heart shape comes from the 7th century BC, in Cyrene. In that city, at that time, a type of fennel called Silphium was a plant so highly prized for its use as birth control that it became extinct. The seeds of Silphium were shaped like hearts, making historians believe that the heart shape we know today was based upon this early form of birth control!

Another ancient evidence of using the heart icon is the Egyptian ab, or “heart soul”, which apparently bears a remarkable resemblance to the stained glass Christian iconographs. The story of the ab was that one of the Egyptian’s seven souls came directly from the mother’s heart, in the form of holy lunar blood and would descend to the womb and take the shape of her child.

From birth control to motherhood to blood (in Christianity, this icon refers to Jesus’ blood), the heart shape as we know it today symbolizes other things (better than it symbolizing birth control…), and we are here to celebrate it and Valentine’s Day with few hearty gift ideas:

Shelly Assody’s sterling silver jewelry is delicate yet powerful. Along with the heart shaped pendants, these beautiful necklaces also come along with smaller good luck pendants, so your declaration of love is augmented by luck, well-being and happiness. Who needs more?!

Heart Charm Silver Necklace

If a heart pendant necklace is not enough, and you want to make sure your love is always carried around, add Shelly Assody’s Silver Heart and Charms Keychains to make a Valentine’s gift set. After all, home is where your heart is…

Check out our other Valentine’s Gift ideas and don’t forget Coolil’s Valentine’s Day special promotion – Enter code VAL2011 at checkout to enjoy 10% OFF your order!

Gift Ideas

Coolil’s Valentine’s Gift Guide: Say it With Flowers

Did you know there’s a large percentage of women who send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day? Why not actually? If you’d like to remind yourself you’re beautiful and beloved, we say go for it! But why settle for a flower bouquet when you can buy yourself, or have someone buy you, flowers that make a fashion statement, that stay long after all those roses are gone?
This Valentine’s Day, your flower girl persona is going to blossom with these romantic and chic Valentine’s Gift Ideas:
leather flower fashion necklace

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Bare Walls Are So Last Year! Upgrade Your Wall Decor

Bare walls.  So out! Adding style to your interior space? So in!

Trendsetting wall decals are the hip, new way to liven up your personal space without giving up that stylish wow factor or ruining your walls (they’re removable!)  At the same time, the decals create a scene or tell a story and stimulate the mind with a beautiful picture or a graphic icon. Here are a few great examples of imaginative wall decals that will make your walls pop!

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Gift Guide for For A Stylish Teenage Girl

Teenagers are a trip.  They’re a mix of emotional, rambuctious, wild, playful, and cool all at the same time.  So why can’t their clothes be the same?

They can! Fashionable teenagers start their desire to tell a style story at an early age and the outcome is colorful and chic.  Add the perfect accessory and you’ve got one perfectly well-put together teenager on your hands.  But don’t think teenagers can always wear the same classic accessories as their much older counterparts.  The perfect accessorty for a style-savvy teeange girl comes in a variety of funky, flirty, and youthful materials, shapes, and sizes.

It’s not easy to find the perfect accessory for a teen. That’s why we’ve come up with a list that makes shopping for a teen a breeze—without giving a gift that loses its youth or its teen edge.  Here’s what we suggest buying a teenager:

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