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Efika’s New Collection Has a Positive Effect

Wallets and handbags come and go. But every now and again, when you’re lucky – you’ll find one that exemplifies your style so perfectly, you’ll never want to let go. Efrat Baruchi is a rising star in the Israeli Accessories design scene and her Efika line of cool leather wallets and handbags combine a unique, chic look with urban functionality, winning the approval of Tel Avivians with a discerning sense of style.


Purses and wallets should embody a unique look to best suit your personality, without sacrificing an ounce of functionality. Efika’s new collection features super comfortable leather handbags and wallets in an array of sizes and colors (ranging from camel to distructed purple, African Grey, black and more) made of Italian leather with a distressed look, that are perfect for everyday use or for a night out.

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Designer Spotlight, Product Spotlight

Effortless Style With Efika Leather Designs

Paper bags, baskets people take to the open markets, nylon bags and brown paper bags are all inspiration for the Efika collection of exquisite, high quality leather handbags and wallets by Israeli Designer Efrat Baruchi. With a quick look at Efika handbags and wallets, which are all made from very soft leather, you can notice her inspiration.


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Designer Spotlight, Product Spotlight

Kisim Handbags, from Tel Aviv To Sex and the City

To own a Kisim bag is to own a unique statement in Israeli design.

Founded in 1999, Yael Rosen’s line of leather handbags and accessories are innovative and crafted with a contemporary, yet feminine edge–influenced by Rosen’s own personal style–which she refers to as a haphazard approach to a classic style.

Rosen finds it fascinating to create interesting spaces and layers in her designs, and loves working with different types of materials. Her first bag, the Cube, was inspired by the traditional Japanese Furoshiki bag, a folded bag from a time when packages were tied up in squares of cloth.

Kisim bags are designed as a folded rectangle sewn to make a tote that may be tied, carried as a satchel, or to be worn with shoulder straps. The design seems complex, yet simple. Currently, her handbags are manufactured in Israel with Italian leather and additional accents imported from Spain.

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Product Spotlight

Zip Up Your Decor With Vazu

Quite the conversation piece, with over 35 colors, patterns, and shapes, the Vazu flower vase works in any living space, though it’s the design of the piece alone that is something to talk about.

The way the Vazu is manufactured makes it strong, transparent and stable. Made from mainly polyethylene and polyester, the print is trapped between the layers, heat-welded to create the different shapes of the Vazu™. Durable for many years, after use, simply fold it flat until next time you need a vase.

The Vazu was developed by T.H.+E. Design Group Ltd., a team of three Israelis, looking for a new venture. From an interview with

TH+E stands for Tzvika, Hagai and Eitan, three childhood friends with no previous experience with designing vases. Tzvika was a law graduate managing products and projects in the Israeli hi-tech industry. Eitan was a cognitive psychologist specializing in human interfaces, and Hagai was a landscape architect renovating houses in the city of Tel-Aviv. Typical “mid-life crises” caused the brothers looking to do something different.

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