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Valentine’s Gift Guide: We Heart Hearts

Think of a heart icon. We’ll all probably vision the same thing, a red colored heart. But if you stop for a second to wonder what is the origin of the heart icon, you’ll be surprised to discover some interesting facts regarding the history of this popular icon.

Big Heart Silver Pendant Necklace

Perhaps the first known use of the heart shape comes from the 7th century BC, in Cyrene. In that city, at that time, a type of fennel called Silphium was a plant so highly prized for its use as birth control that it became extinct. The seeds of Silphium were shaped like hearts, making historians believe that the heart shape we know today was based upon this early form of birth control!

Another ancient evidence of using the heart icon is the Egyptian ab, or “heart soul”, which apparently bears a remarkable resemblance to the stained glass Christian iconographs. The story of the ab was that one of the Egyptian’s seven souls came directly from the mother’s heart, in the form of holy lunar blood and would descend to the womb and take the shape of her child.

From birth control to motherhood to blood (in Christianity, this icon refers to Jesus’ blood), the heart shape as we know it today symbolizes other things (better than it symbolizing birth control…), and we are here to celebrate it and Valentine’s Day with few hearty gift ideas:

Shelly Assody’s sterling silver jewelry is delicate yet powerful. Along with the heart shaped pendants, these beautiful necklaces also come along with smaller good luck pendants, so your declaration of love is augmented by luck, well-being and happiness. Who needs more?!

Heart Charm Silver Necklace

If a heart pendant necklace is not enough, and you want to make sure your love is always carried around, add Shelly Assody’s Silver Heart and Charms Keychains to make a Valentine’s gift set. After all, home is where your heart is…

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Coolil’s Valentine’s Gift Guide: Say it With Flowers

Did you know there’s a large percentage of women who send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day? Why not actually? If you’d like to remind yourself you’re beautiful and beloved, we say go for it! But why settle for a flower bouquet when you can buy yourself, or have someone buy you, flowers that make a fashion statement, that stay long after all those roses are gone?
This Valentine’s Day, your flower girl persona is going to blossom with these romantic and chic Valentine’s Gift Ideas:
leather flower fashion necklace

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Designer Spotlight

Hagar Satat’s Geometrical Fashion Jewelry Collection

The new Hagar Satat 2010 Fall-Winter collection creates a dialogue between geometrical shapes and an array of materials, inventing a whole new language using unique chemical metal cutting techniques. The new geometrical fashion jewelry collection, designed by Israeli designers Hagar Satat and Arava Tester, is innovative and presents bold, original and exciting jewelry – touched by a-symmetry, flirting with eclectic styles and combining leather, stone, silver and gold into fashionable and trendy fashion jewelry.

hagar satat fashion jewelry necklace

Leather Pentagons Fashion Necklace

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Designer Spotlight

Inbar Shahak’s Art Deco Jewelry Collection

Inbar Shahak is a jewelry designer with prior background as a textile designer. Inbar’s jewelry combines ancient textile techniques with metal coated with Silver or 24 karat Gold to create special hand made jewelry. Her jewelry is inspired by ancient lace and crochet patterns which are translated into stunning pieces that can be worn as every-day pleasures or special occasions.

art nouveau oriental earrings silver

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Designer Spotlight

Fancy Hand Fans: Stay Cool, Look Hot!

The inspiration for Fancy Hand Fans revealed itself one hot summer’s day by Sharon Jerusalmy and her daughter Rachel.  “We were sitting in a coffee shop in Tel Aviv, fanning ourselves with the menu… not a very elegant way to cool off we thought” say Sharon, “and then we decided to do something about it.  We’ve always loved the hand fan and could never understand why, in a country with our hot climate, the fan isn’t a normal part of our daily lives.  In fact good quality, fashionable fans just don’t exist in Israel or even in many other countries.”

hand fan pinkpeace

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