Designer Spotlight

Handmade From The Heart: Anat Eyal Glass Bead Jewelry

Born and raised in a home where art was a constant part of life, Israeli glass jewelry designer Anat Eyal was in touch with her creative side at a very early age. Her creative imagination continued to bloom as she spent her childhood days in her father’s ceramics factory located in the popular artist’s quarters in Jerusalem.

It was there she learned how to integrate design with proper sculpting and artistic techniques to create materials that mimicked what she previously could only imagine.

Anat continued to foster her creativity by studying the graphics and design of museum exhibitions and ended up working in the field for 17 years. Her career took a slight change after she received a piece of glass jewelry as a gift. Captivated by the ability to sculpt with glass and its beautiful reflective qualities, Anat went on to study and specialize in the technique of glass sculpting.

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