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The Hit Is On With Kisim’s New Spring Handbags

Kisim’s designer handbags and wallets line made from sensual fabrics and fine leather, created in traditional Middle Eastern craftsmanship and worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City is back with its newest models and colors for Spring! Known for their clean, fluid aesthetic and an innovative balance of modernity with femme, Kisim’s design wonders are not to be missed. Bright colors and light fabrics are the perfect fit for spring handbags, so make room in your closet for the heavy dark leather handbags you’ve worn all winter.

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Wallets are a Woman’s Best Friend

In this days and age a wallet is no longer just a small case used to carry cash, credit cards and identification, it is an extension of one’s personality. It’s easy to forget (though sometimes hard not to!) how often we use our wallets and how representative they should be of their owners. Though the different types of designer wallets may be endless, each woman has one that suits her character.


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Israel’s Design Hot Spots: Gan Hahashmal

Take a walk through Gan Hahashmal (pronounced Gan Hachashmal) in Tel Aviv today and you’ll find that the neighborhood is practically unrecognizable compared to just a few years ago. The pockets of criminals and seedy establishments that once inhabited this region have now been replaced with high-end designer shops and cafes. Gan Hahashmal, or “the electric garden” in Hebrew, was built around the country’s first power plant and used to be a bustling area in the 1940’s. However, when the plant closed in the 1970’s, so did the community around it.


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Israeli Design Rocks in NYC Fashion market

Tucked in a small gym behind a doorway of thick plastic curtains in the NoLita neighborhood of Manhattan is a space full of inspirational design and creativity. Every weekend, the gym in St. Patrick’s church becomes a market for young designers to peddle their crafts to fashionistas that are looking for designers accessories and jewelry.

This past weekend, joined the crowd to showcase the best of Israeli jewelry and accessories – including charm jewelry by Shelly Assody, symbolic Kabbalah jewelry by YOYO32, Augusta jewelry by Karen Peleg, Efika wallets, Kisim bags from the Sex And The City movie and Daniella Lehavi handbags and accessories.


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Kisim Handbags, from Tel Aviv To Sex and the City

To own a Kisim bag is to own a unique statement in Israeli design.

Founded in 1999, Yael Rosen’s line of leather handbags and accessories are innovative and crafted with a contemporary, yet feminine edge–influenced by Rosen’s own personal style–which she refers to as a haphazard approach to a classic style.

Rosen finds it fascinating to create interesting spaces and layers in her designs, and loves working with different types of materials. Her first bag, the Cube, was inspired by the traditional Japanese Furoshiki bag, a folded bag from a time when packages were tied up in squares of cloth.

Kisim bags are designed as a folded rectangle sewn to make a tote that may be tied, carried as a satchel, or to be worn with shoulder straps. The design seems complex, yet simple. Currently, her handbags are manufactured in Israel with Italian leather and additional accents imported from Spain.

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Welcome To!

Much more than just an online shopping destination, has a dual purpose. Started by a young Israeli living in New York City, aims to keep expat Israelis in touch with the latest in design from their homeland and give exposure to the artistic endeavors of fashion-forward young Israeli designers.

And it’s no wonder why. Israeli design is quite unique, and the global marketplace is taking notice…

“Israeli fashion design is known for its unique urban fashion trends and its all-round daring and creativity, as in the juxtaposition of different cultures and sources of inspiration…” (

“‘Our point is to show people that Israeli fashion is not what you think. It doesn’t have to be ethnic; it can be elegant,” (Fashion Week Daily Dispatch)

“Tel Aviv…is awash in young designers with fresh takes on fashion and design. Neighborhood after neighborhood is loaded with small shops selling clothing, jewelry, and accessories made by local talent.” (The New York Sun)

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