Product Spotlight

A Match Made In Fashion Heaven

Being a true fashionesta doesn’t mean only getting the right fashionable piece of clothes or accessory, it’s the matching of these pieces that creates a style. Sometimes you can get great fashion accessories but the matching is all wrong and you get an incoherent look. It probably happened to all of us; you want to look your best for an elegant evening, and while the dress, shoes, and jewelry are perfect, your bag is all wrong, fitting a day at the office rather than a party. As you know, there aren’t rules in fashion, but a little guidance can’t hurt, so we’ve put together a matching guide of three basic accessories according to your style type.

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Red Hot Accessories: Fierce Style For the Lady in Red

Red is the ferocious, fierce, and hot sister of classic black. It’s bolder and sometimes more dramatic, yet always the ultimate fashion statement. Perhaps the little red dress is just a little too much unless you’re walking the red carpet, but there are other sassy ways to make your mark using red without going over-the-top. Sometimes a red accessory is all you need to feel like a star every day.

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Gift Ideas

10 Best Holidays Gift Ideas

Holidays Gift Frustration?

Welcome to’s holidays gift guide, featuring 10 best gift ideas for Christmas and Hanukkah. Why get frustrated with long lines and rude crowds at holidays season – we are here to help you find the perfect holiday gifts. Below is a wonderful, quick-shop gift guide spotlighting unique gift ideas that your loved ones will appreciate and remember the whole year.  From newborns through college, boys, girls, kids, mom, dad, best friend, everybody! Whatever it is you’re looking for you’ll find it somewhere here.

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Designer Spotlight

Complete Your Look With Fashion Jewelry By Hagar Satat

The Hagar Satat line of handmade fashion jewelry designs is based on a combination of leather and silver-plated or 24-karat gold-plated metals. Hagar’s work expresses a continuous search after the most interesting combination of these materials such as soft leathers with various textures or colors with a variety of metals plated with silver and gold, which complement and complete each other to create elegant jewelry.

Braided Bracelet Gold

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